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Q1. What is Distance Education?

Distance Education refers to the education imparted to distantly placed students with the help of modern technology and communication facilities including home assignments, tutorials, web-based instruction and online learning.

Distance Education has emerged as the most remarkable technology based innovation in education. It is bringing education to the very doorstep of the learner and is opening new paths of progression for all.

Distance Education endows unmatched flexibility to its students as even working professionals, entrepreneurs or housewives can look forward to pursuing higher education and upgrade their knowledge and skills while continuing doing whatever they are doing at the places they are set.

Q2. What is the difference between Regular Education, Distance Education and Correspondence Education programmes?

In Regular Education, the regular classes are compulsory; the students have to attend the classes during their course durations. The students usually get internal marks on the basis of their class attendance. In regular education, the students can get help from the mentor if they have any problem. The classes are conducted on regular basis usually six days a week. Regular education is expensive than the other modes of education programmes. In case of regular education sometimes students need to invest their time and energy in the classroom to understand the concepts of their course.

In Distance Education, while the learners can have most of the advantages of campus mode interactive multimedia rich course content/online discussions/online support services/personal contact programme, yet they can plan their studies as per their own convenience and comfort. In distance education students need not spend much time and energy. In fact, students can clear the study concept with the tech–enabled model for teaching and learning. Distance education is popular for its flexibility as students can study at any place and at any time, they can continue their job and study as well. Distance education is more affordable than regular education.

In the Correspondence Mode of Education, the learners are deprived of the technology vehicle to access the interactive multimedia rich course content/online discussions/webinars/online support services. The learner in correspondence mode is fully dependent on Self-learning material.

Q3. What are the benefits/advantages of Distance Education?

Listed are a few benefits of Distance Learning and Continuing Education:

  • • To provide Lifetime continuing education.
  • • Career Growth.
  • • Flexibility.
  • • Quality Education to the masses at an Affordable fee.
  • • Improve the skills of the unskilled personnel through job-oriented courses.
  • • Tech–enabled model for teaching and learning.
  • • Anytime-anywhere learning - 24x7 access.
  • • Learning on - desktop, laptop or mobile.
  • • Interactive learning through Online Platform.
  • • Goal-oriented learning.

Q4. Where is Naya Raipur (New Raipur)? Can you give me some details about it?

Raipur is the Capital of Chhattisgarh and New Raipur is the New Capital of Chhattisgarh in the making. New Raipur is the fourth planned city of India with wide roads and miles of greenery and is pollution-free. It is the first Integrated and smart city of the country.

On the industrial prospects, it has seen an exponential growth over the years. With a strong presence of international brands and prominent global automobile companies, Raipur has emerged as a major business hub in the central India.

Raipur has a tropical wet and dry climate; temperatures remain moderate throughout the year, except from March to June, which can be warm.

About half of the total land in New Raipur is being used for public facilities; 23% of the land would be reserved for government and educational institutions; and 30% of the land will be used for residential and economical purposes.

A cosmopolitan city, it forms the hub of educational institutions in the state of Chhattisgarh hosting IIM, IIT, IIIT, National Law University, CIPET, NIT and AIIMS.

The objectives of Naya Raipur also include:

  • • Becoming a servicing hub, from manufacturing to information technology and bio-technology sectors.
  • • Becoming the financial centre of the region.
  • • Becoming a hub for trade and hospitality sectors.
  • • To supplement the local economy, more focus on cultural services.
  • • Becoming a place for affordable and high-quality medical services.

It is a well-connected city with transportation modes via Road, Railways and Air. It boasts of The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium or Naya Raipur International Cricket Stadium, which is the 2nd largest cricket stadium after Eden Garden cricket stadium (Kolkata) and 4th largest cricket stadium in the world.

Raipur has good shopping malls, parks, nature & wildlife and in addition, it also hosts most National and International brands of Food and Retail Outlets catering to everyone's needs.

To know more about Naya Raipur click here.



Q5. What is Kalinga University Student ERP & Mobile App?

Kalinga University App, an exceptional and user friendly online platform of Kalinga University, offers ANY TIME ANY WHERE strong and secure online connection that links its students with the university.

Based on enterprising web portal technology, it truly automates various administrative and academic processes of Distance Education and minimizes the shortcomings of physical distances by providing 24X7 accessibility through its various useful features.

Q6. How is Student ERP & Mobile App useful for me?

IDE, Kalinga has created a tech–enabled model for teaching and learning. Distance Learning at Kalinga comes with flexibility and convenience for students. We are a learner-centric University and put the student at First.

  • • Anytime-anywhere learning - 24x7 access
  • • Learning on - desktop, laptop or mobile
  • • Interactive learning thru Online Platform
  • • Goal-oriented and flexible learning

Q7. How can I access my Student ERP & Mobile App?

You can login to your Student ERP & Mobile App using your username and password and can have access to all the resources/ information provided to students.

Q8. How will I get my username and password for Student ERP & Mobile App?

You will receive the Login Detail on your registered email id and mobile number from the University after your registration/admission to the University.

Q9. When will I get my username and password for Student ERP & Mobile App?

You will be provided your username and password once you are registered and admitted in the programme.

Q10. Can I get username and password of Student ERP & Mobile App without taking admission?

No, you need to take admission to get username and password.

Q11. Do I have to pay extra charges for using Student ERP & Mobile App?

No, you do not have to pay extra charges for using Student ERP & Mobile App.

Q12. Is there any specific time to access Student ERP & Mobile App?

You can access it at any time at any place as per your convenience, 24X7.

Q13. What are the mobile applications through which Mobile App can be accessed?

The Mobile App can be accessed through the following mobile applications:

Click here for iOS App

Click here for Android App

Q14. What is the Fee Refund Policy?

Fee Refund Policy - We follow the fee Refund Policy Guidelines laid by UGC. For more information

Click here to know the UGC Fee Refund Guidelines

Q15. Will the University provide me with accommodation when I come to the University to appear for PCP/Examinations? If yes, is it free?

Yes, the University provides with accommodation when you come to the University to appear for PCP/Examinations on payment. The charges are:

  • • Accommodation at Hostel – INR 500/- per day
  • • Accommodation at Guest House – INR 1000/- per day

The above include charges for 3 meals a day.

Q16. After passing from Kalinga University, will my degree be valid for Government Jobs?

Yes, degree is recognised for Government Jobs (State/Central) across the country.

Q17. After passing from a Distance Education programme, can I apply for a Regular Education programme at Kalinga University or any other University?


Q18. If I have any doubts/queries about my subjects, how do I clarify them?

Enrolled students are provided with a login having the facility of feedback/queries and students can raise their queries which will be answered promptly.

Students who have yet not enrolled and have any query can raise their queries by sending it on our email id: admission@idekalinga.ac.in.