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Institute of Distance Education, Kalinga University

The main aim of the Institute of Distance Education, Kalinga University is to make education reach the unreached. As Nowadays, Distance Education has gained immense significance amongst education seekers. With Distance Education, students can continue their job and study also. Moreover, they can study as per their convenience. To enhance their career prospects, students are opting for such courses. Flexibility, freedom and affordability make Distance Learning Program desirable for all those who are working professionals and seeking to enhance their education.

Distance learning programs are mostly enrolled by the professionals who want to give a boost to their career by adding a new degree, diploma or certification without quitting their jobs. Thus, if you are enrolling in a Distance Learning Program then you will be getting your monthly salary along with up-gradation of qualification.

Listed are a few benefits of Distance Learning and Continuing Education:

  • To provide Lifetime continuing education.
  • Career Growth
  • Flexibility
  • Quality Education to the masses at an Affordable fee.
  • Improve the skills of the unskilled personnel through job-oriented courses.

Scheme of Examination

Institute of Distance Education, Kalinga University conducts semester-wise examinations as prescribed by the UGC. The Semester-end Examinations for students will be conducted as per University Ordinance.

Electronically-generated admit cards are issued to all eligible students appearing for the examination.

Both for theory and practical papers 70% weightage is given to Term End Examinations and 30% weightage is given to Internal Assessment.

Minimum Passing Percentage: The student must obtain at least 33% marks inclusive of Term End Examinations and Internal Assessment in each paper overall aggregate 36% Minimum is required.


Maximum duration for passing and improvement of scores of a programme shall be “Duration of the course + three years”.

For example, for three year Bachelor’s Degree course, maximum duration shall be six years and for two years Master’s courses the maximum duration shall be five years.

Personal Contact Program (PCP)

IDE Kalinga University conducts PCP in following two modes

  • 15 days per semester
  • All Sundays in every semester

PCP will be conducted at Kalinga University Campus, Raipur. It is advisable for all students to attend PCP as it has weightage in Internal Assessment also.

Evaluation Procedure

The University conducts examination at the end of each semester.

Students can appear in the examinations either for specific subjects or for all subjects for the relevant program.

Institute of Distance Education, Kalinga University is committed to improving the quality of our distance education programs. Our main focus is to evaluate the students’ performance through a robust system. Students are expected to complete and submit internal assessments on a regular basis, which aids in a better understanding of subject modules.

Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment is for 30 Marks.

The assignments form a part of continuous evaluation and internal assessment. Marks will be awarded based on the assignments assessed by the University. The assignments are designed to motivate the students to develop the habit of continuous study of all the subjects throughout the semester.

All assignments will be assessed by the University. The assignment questions will be uploaded for each student in their Student Login. Assignments have to be completed by the students as per the norms prescribed by the University on or before the due date/s. The dates for the submission of the assignments will be decided by the University and the same will be made available in the Student Login.

The assignments can be typed/handwritten and should be uploaded in Student Login. In the case of handwritten assignments, a student should scan and convert it to PDF format. Specimen formats of the assignment & user manual for the same are available in the student login. Students are advised to check their assignments thoroughly before uploading the same, as only one submission will be considered and multiple submissions are not allowed for uploading.

Plagiarized or copied assignment content from Internet or other students will be automatically rejected without any intimation.

Student ERP & Mobile App

IDE, Kalinga has created a tech–enabled model for teaching and learning. Distance Learning at Kalinga comes with flexibility and convenience for students. We are a learner-centric University and put the student at First.

  • Anytime-anywhere learning - 24x7 access
  • Learning on - desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Interactive learning through Online Platform
  • Goal-oriented and flexible learning

Self-Learning Material (SLM)

High-quality self-learning material is made available to students in the form of online digital format and printed books. Online digital SLM is included in the Course fee, hence student need not pay anything extra for the online digital SLM as it is uploaded in students login, so that they can log in anytime and from anywhere without much hassle. Printed books (SLM) can be ordered by paying INR 1000/- per semester.